Monday, April 23, 2012

Why do I still have a sandy vagina?

So it seems that DRE, an amdim of no integrity, changed the name of his site from 8thlesion to Black Gamer. Why did you do this DRE? Hmm? Could it be because of the pressure I have been putting on you since I was DE-MODDED??? Don't think that just because you change the name of your site you can escape my wrath. I can still find you and your fail site.

Why did you lie to your members DRE?? Why do you let JOE continue to be a member there while deceiving people? Why do I still have a sandy vagina? Show me where I tried to have you fired. When an admin lies and abuses his position as Joe has, then he is not fit to have the respect of anyone. I gave him plenty of chances to correct his mistakes and lies, but he is not man enough to do it, he can only continue to lie. So be it.

I earned my promotion to mod and was de modded because I told the truth and reported Joe for breaching a confidentiality. Something that any member has the right to do. WITHOUT penalty. Not so in your case.

I have since PROVEN beyond any doubt that the reason stated for my demotion was false. I am saddened by your actions DRE, as I thought you were a better man than this and would do the correct thing by your loyal members but it seems to not be so.

 You said that you demodded me because I tried to get Joe fired. I have provided proof that this was not so, even JOE has said that I did NOT ask or mention this. therefor the reason you demodded me does not exist. Any man of integrity would then correct the mistake. You did not. This saddens me.

 Lets get something straight. It was JOE who first went after me. He BANNED me and posted continuous lies about me, despite me having broken NO rules. And we have seen him say he did it with first convenient excuse, NOT because I did anything wrong! Just as I have never broken any rules on 8th, but I have been penalized for this as well. Is this the right thing to do? I had never done anything to him. how many times do I have to PROVE he lied to everyone, including you?

I have explained this to you and PROVEN that Joe is at fault. It is up to you as an admin to do the right thing by your members.