Thursday, April 19, 2012

ALL HAVE FAILED!! and now members have left in droves as they realize they have been lied to and deceived.

At last someone who can think!

'Vinnie' was and is a destroyer of websites. He took down the alex board as well as others! using the name of 'troll pest' No wonder he was protected when on eater.
But his cover was blown when I exposed him, by forwarding his death threat to twinkie man, So I had to go and was banned from eater for this. As leo was becoming involved and the LAST thing eater wants is for leo to take an interest in their activities!

Out of all the posts on here I find it interesting, that the first time I blast 'nurse nasty' the thread is immediately locked?

With no explanation by the person who locked it and no one has had the guts to admit to locking it. coward!
So who did it? the admins and mods may like to check it out.
Sounds like an eater thing to me!
Now we have a member wanting to delete the whole thread! HMMM.

So why protect the identity of the nurse on ranter? Who would lock a thread to do this?

I posted about N N to see who would crawl out of the woodwork to protect him. Interesting results.

Obviously not!
As a submissive to the female who is a control freak, and is controlling your every action, you would not have the independence to do such a thing without her permission.
It would not make sense for her to risk me publishing all her posts from the secret forum she ran. By ordering you to do so.

You play a dangerous game, as you are not mentally strong enough and may lose it again if you persist.
You have experienced the darkness and despair, you may want to reconsider going in there again? Your mistress cannot save you from the results of your actions if you carry on being a lackey.

Please check the top strip, where it says 'Coop appears again after all this time'

 Easy, if you are really slarti, then it is impossible for you to be NN.
Coop does not have the balls so he is out,
Ct can prove his claim easily by telling me what he said as NN in his emails to me about my banning! So go for it, back up your claim!

Totally incorrect, as was expected.

635 views, Quite amazing for some one who you say is boring? and that no one cares?

This from a self confessed drug user? Yeah right!

Why thank you. Recognition at last!

So you are afraid to reveal who you are?
And you hide behind a username.
Are you also a submissive to the control freak?
One of the group that set up 'the truth blog"?
Like I said it is interesting to see who my post has revealed, crawling out of the woodwork!
It certainly seems to have wound you up. I wonder why?

I thought about that but all I could see was --dum dum dum dum dum dum
So maybe it would be better to ask goodi, he seems to have lost it and is also afraid to reveal his identity.

"You'll like this...not a lot, but you'll like it". magic eh?

Whatever are you suggesting?
That these paragons of virtue who tell all their members how caring they are, would actually do something wrong, like ban people for telling the truth?
MY MY I am shocked!

"Sieg heil mein fuhrer"

So this is why you hide your real name? Are we a member of the alliance then?
Mind you I would also be ashamed to admit to this as well.

So what are they going to do?
Ban me?
Falsely accuse me?
Threaten me?
Abuse me?
Try to blackmail me?
Assassinate my character by lies?
Dogpile on me?
Spread lies about me?
Try to portray me as crazy?
Try to get me banned from other sites?
Organize their lapdogs to carry on lying about me?
Spread false rumours about me?
Register dool's to try to discredit me?
Hack my account and put a Keylogger in?
Steal my blog password and post things pretending to be me?
Twist things on scambaits so that I appear in a bad light?
Persecute My supporters by stealth on their sites?
All have been done!

ALL HAVE FAILED!! and now members have left in droves as they realize they have been lied to and deceived.
They have LOST and are still afraid to admit the truth!

I am now more determined to expose them. so your piss weak threats do not bother me, but thanks for helping me spread the word about them!

@Bruce, just one problem, as most of your answers revolve around asking me to not post.
Most of these things happened BEFORE I joined ranter or started to reveal the truth about the alliance! except for the dool's of course.

I have constantly stated that I will not be silenced by the antics of the liars running the alliance sites, I suppose that eventually it will sink in that I mean what I say?
Whether I post on here or other places it does not really matter, as my message is getting out! As is proven by the rapid disintegration of some of the alliance sites, as the members realize that they are being lied to and innocent members are being victimized and forced out by stealth, Or banned for false reasons!
Even some of the senior management on scambaits,com are now asking why there are only two or three posts! And what has happened to the membership!

You may have noticed that I have proven many times without any doubt, that the alliance admins have lied, to you, the ranters and their own members. and yet despite all their posts over all this time, they have not proven that I have told one lie! Yet you and some others follow on with their methods! Why? are you that blind? Or does decency mean less to you than keeping the rant going?

So it follows that they have lied to falsely accuse many members and myself. This must be exposed to prevent other innocent people being subject to the same victimization!
I do not know what you would do if these things happened to you? would you roll over and take the easy way out and keep quiet? or would you fight and expose them ? This would be up to you, Would you live a lie to yourself and run away like a scared puppy or would you fight?

I have chosen to fight! this is my choice and I will pay the price for my decision. but at least I can hold my head up and say that I did the right thing! Whether this fits in with your thinking or not, it will not deter me from following my conscience and doing what I feel is the right thing for me to do.
"All it takes for evil to flourish is for honest men to do nothing! "

Funny how you know that stuff Bruce yet you no bugger all about baiting .

"Why is it master AL that you can see the truth?
" No grashopper Bruce, why is it that you cannot?"