Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goodi, talk to my parole officer if you think I was ever in jail

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@Goodi I remember you lying to your members and telling them there was no malware on theranter.


Length: 13 characters
MD5 Hash: 2526d7a4a4ec97b4637caee31839a0ba
Zone: com
ISP: Bluehost
Organization: Bluehost
IP Address:
IP Hostname:
IP Country: United States United States (US)
Google Page Rank: 0
Alexa Rank: 0
Domain Created: Unknown
Detections 1/22 (4.55%)
Status detected DETECTED.

Would you like to tell your members who you are deceiving, what nasty bit of malware you have on theRanter?

The clock is ticking down.

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HAR FUCKING HAR. Goodi caught out AGAIN.

What the fuck do those numbers and letters mean. It originates to the US, whatever it is, I live in the UK. As per usual, Al, you spectacularly fail again.

A great example of the total stupidity of goodi.
Hey goodi DUH the numbers and letters pertain to the domain name of theRanter .com as any reasonably intelligent person can see, but you seem to have completely missed it. YES goodi those of normal intelligence can see that the domain is in the USA, so yes the numbers and figures will show this. The location of the domain has little to do with YOUR location. As per usual, goodi, you spectacularly fail again.

Cash baiting really has sent you round the bend, Al hasn't it. When the feds came for you , you were only half mad. now you're cuckoo as fuck since you had your trial.

That's right, Al, I know things

goodi finally loses it. :lol: 

Goodi in a desperate bid to regain the upper hand, you are reduced to posting outright lies that are backed up with NOTHING.:roll: 

I am calling you out on this loser. You have made false allegations, where is your proof? where is a copy of the arrest record? The fact that you admit you do not know my real name, shows that you have no knowledge of it, as it does not exist.

Details of your false claim goodi where are they? You have been conned by some of the idiots on theranter. I have never done any cashbaiting and to say i have been charged for it is ludicrous

Post details of the supposed trial . can't? that is because there never was one. 

goodi why not tell your members why there is malware on theRanter? why are you keeping them in the dark? 

goodi the countdown continues.

Now I've got to get back to my cashbaiting. My parole officer wants me to check in with him today or I'll be in deep shit.