Saturday, April 14, 2012

our bandwidth is to be used exclusively for funny and amusing pictures

anickers posted this so he/she could post a spam link in the message section. I removed the spam. Another defeat for the bad guys!!

Quite a few spammers think that if they post nice posts, they will get away with also posting spam links and use our bandwidth for their own benefit. Little do they know that our bandwidth is to be used exclusively for funny and amusing pictures and videos, and rap lyrics that I steal from other sites.

I too checked with one of those sites and it said that FW was up, but it has been down for a while unfortunately. Lets hope they get back up and running soon.

Posted by FW admin on 12 April 2012, 03:55. The criminals lose again , all hail my sandy vagina!

Let me share the sum total of my computer expertise with you:
No operating system is 100% foolproof.

While it is true that mac's will not become infected with many of the windows type virus , there is an increasing number of virus being worked upon for macintosh operating systems. I know this because I checked with the guys in the boiler room. They assure me that one day they will have a virus, even though a few of them were coughing up blood so they might already be infected.

I have spoken to some apple techs and they all say that the new apple updates for mac os will detect and eliminate this virus. I could not get in touch with any orange techs, so I will update you on that later. The lemon techs sent me this: Here is a FREE program that will help keep your mac safe.