Monday, April 9, 2012

I have been enjoying seeing Miyuki troll theRanter recently with her shit grasp of the Engrish language. That Jap bint really knows how to bring it. She's got them tied up in knots.

DRE joins theRanter with disastrous results. :lol: 

Why so mean ? I just got here ! I mean no harm. I came from another site .Your all recommended by a friend. Not sure now !
Stupid old fucker

Dan? If that's really you. Trust me, this isn't the place.

You should leave. You were a scumbag, to me. And I don't forgive you, mate! But, please fuck off now!!, I'm sure, would take you back.

After all. They don't realise the cretin, and 'drama' queen you truly are. And BTW, Dan, you can quote me on that.

You're probably wondering why I've got such a hard on for DRE. When I get banned from a forum for being a complete and utter fuckbag nutter, I take it personally. I should have free reign to do whatever I want on a forum, regardless of what others think. I am Alan James Motherfucking Watson, bitch. Do not fuck with me or I will repost your shit on my own forum that no one bothers to read. Got it? Now fuck off.