Sunday, April 29, 2012

I AM POSTING ON RANTER, I DID NOT RESIGN from ranter years ago

WOWEEEE. Lookit them scared ranter doggies run. :lol:

They are so PWNDED all they can do is run around screaming obscenities at others.

Toe jam, keep those doggies movin. 8-)

Hot Diggity toe jam, you got those ranter critters madder than a bobcat caught in a piss fire.

@goodi. I see that you are still posting lies and that you still cannot back them up. The act of a typical liar. 

Never mind goodi, your 48 hours are nearly up.


Posted by a member on ranter. I suppose the message will eventually get through that I DID NOT RESIGN from ranter years ago, after they never deleted over fifty of my posts after stating that "no subject was taboo"

Let me say it AGAIN. I AM a member of ranter , and have posted on there for many years. 

The moron who is posting under the name of Big al and any variations of this name is me. 

Of course the admins know who it is, ME, as they can see that the IP goes back to India. And I live in Australia as you all know. Why are they again deceiving their members by denying them this information? 

A message for goodi the deadline is nearly up. Remember goodi, anything posted after the deadline is on your head alone.

My vagina hurts worse than usual today. 8-)