Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cash baiting is fun!!!!!

@J.L. Welcome to TSB. I am sorry to hear that the lady was scammed and passed away because of it. I know, you're just glad I'm not banging on about DRE and 8thlesion for once.

We are doing our best to stop the scammers and although we are not law enforcement we do what we can.

Please stick around and read what we have here and maybe become involved yourself, in helping to stamp out the scammers who prey on the innocent in society.

Sounds very suspect to me, but as sarahlou says we need some details to form an opinion.

Meanwhile, please do not send any money for ANY reason or you will lose it. If you do send it, I will be sure to intercept the Western Union number and steal the money.

@nmflbaby. Welcome to AFI This IS a scam.

The puppies do not exist except in photographs stolen from the internet.

One should NEVER send money via western union to anyone who you do not know personally, as it will be lost forever. That's how I was able to afford a pool at my house.

Pet scams can be a cruel type of scam and cause a lot of misery.
Best to stop all contact with this scammer and please do not send any money under any circumstances. Just kidding, I'll get it anyway.

If you need a pet, please contact your local pet shelter and you will get a pet at a fair price and help one of our four legged friends at the same time.

I shit my pants just thinking about how much money I've stolen over the years. Cash baiting is fun!!!!!