Monday, April 9, 2012

I have had two keyloggers put on my PC----LOL

I just received a vBulletin Product Updates from you. Thank you, however I notice that you sent a copy of my Customer Number in the message.

I think this is a potential risk to the members security.
In the past I have had two keyloggers put on my PC and recently 172 hacking attempts (failed) that track back to Kerala in India so the hackers are active.

As a consequence, I try to keep information off my pc that a potential hacker could use. If a hacker had a KL on my pc, he now also has my customer number and as he would have my passwords could easily gain control of my website.

I appreciate that it could be classed as a service to me as customer, but it may be worth looking at the advisability of not posting such information to members in every update notice.

A link to where we could ask a staff member for information about our customer number would serve as well I think and be a lot more secure.

As we have seen with the amount of hacking of websites reported recently in here, sending the number is a real risk of helping a potential hacker to gain access to our websites. AL.

In answer to the obvious question, yes, I am a delusional idiot who blames his own stupidity on keyloggers, hackers, DRE, eater, theranter, 8thlegion, etc.