Friday, April 20, 2012

I am the only one allowed to make money from cashbaiting

@MattSturbater. Welcome to TSB. You are correct, the members here are nice friendly folk.
Sometimes we do get a little busy, so do not be afraid to ask for any help you need. I will send you my picture in a minute, then I will claim to have had my computer hacked.

@LuthorUnsane. Welcome to TSB. Reading the stickies and the welcome message will pretty much answer your questions. If not, feel free to ask anyone else since I don't know shit.

Re 1- The chance of being in danger is very low, as long as you bait safely and be sensible and anonymous. In other words, do the exact opposite of what I do.

Re 2- Cashbaiting is a NO NO. Anything that is obviously illegal should be avoided, if you are unsure at any stage please post asking about it and an experienced member will help you. I am the only one allowed to make money from cashbaiting, so back off, bitch.

3- I can see no problem with chipping in with a suggestion on the website, but it is considered bad form to intervene with a lad by contacting him direct when another member is working him. When we phish his password you can have a look and see what's going on with him.

We have ways of looking at you via your mouse and making the smiley lifelike. So please do NOT put your mouse in your pocket EVER!!

Hang on, The goat has a rope around its neck and is being held by a lad who is nude and has a gleam in his eye!!

I think the goat has good reason to be worried.

I don't know what the fuck I mean either. Just stay the fuck away from my cashbaiting business and don't goatfuck me and everything will be ok. But cross me once and I'll cut a bitch.