Friday, December 3, 2010

your secret mole!

Hi Fungus, glad to see you put the bottle aside long enough to post, remember “one is too many and then a thousand is not enough!
Some news for you, I do not need your permission to post or do anything! you do not have any control over me anymore! Tough!

I will post what I want when I want where I want.

I see another admin has come out to defend an eater mod!
Do not be in such a hurry to implement your plans to get T C’s job, he is losing it, as displayed by his last outburst above, so how relaxed is that? and I do not think he will survive the things that are coming, so you will not have to wait long!
Too many people are now seeing the lies, twisting of the truth, threats, abuse and the sarcastic comments of a seriously disturbed admin, to take you or the medically diagnosed mentally ill admins there seriously anymore!

This blog as stated by the owners is about the truth, not what you or the other admins who seem to have hijacked it want them to say!
An eater mod is fair game and I will keep on asking about any who interest me!
The sensitivity of the secrets that she is passing to you from eater is proved by the extraordinary amount of admins
leaping to her defence and the time that they have devoted to this!
She is perfectly capable of coming here and defending herself, I know she is around as she sent me an email recently!
Unless of course she has been told to keep a low profile as you do not want more people to know about your secret mole!