Tuesday, December 7, 2010

no ones PC was keylogged

Soyl I believe that earlier you said that no ones PC was keylogged. Please do try to keep your lies consistent, theres a good lackey.

Soyl, Provide proof to back up yet another of your lies, as you attempt to deceive the members of this forum yet again.

To answer the question of whether mr x is berrymike, as far as I am aware, mr x is not a baiter, nor has he posted on any scam type site to the best of my knowledge.
Remember I have never met him nor spoken to him.

There is a possibility of course that he has posted using another username, but all my searches have failed to find any evidence of this.

Soyl you are a useless wanker.

Easy answer, let soyl post his proof that mr x IS berrymike AND ALL members of dot net as he claims;
Berrymike is mr X. He is all the users on dot net. He is the one whose PC was keylogged.

Such a simple thing for him to do If he is telling the truth. Strange how he says that mr x is ALL members of dot net, yet eater proved publicly that the owner was not me, yet I also posted on there. and so did Soyl could this possibly be another lie by soyl?

Soyl you are useless lying wanker.

Let soyl post his proof to back up his statements, or forever be known as a lying brainwashed lackey and a person of no ethics.