Monday, December 6, 2010

now falsely accusing me of scamming it seems,

Off you go Soyl here is your chance to have your say, you started the attacks so you can have first say.

Yes BirdOPrey5. Soyl was banned from AMB for a while, again. So he came on Juot to continue his lies about me and to get some payback for AMB banning him, by posting here as he knew it would be seen on AMB, check his posts to see for yourself.

My main grievance with soyl and the two others who are using his password to post here is that about 98% of what he posts are lies.

Ok if he wants to say I was banned from eater for defending my female mentee from an eater member who was sending death threats to female fellow members, and one group called the alliance who were being controlled by eater, that is fine as it did happen.

To post all over the internet that I was banned from EVERY site is a total lie, I am currently a member in good standing on over ten sites and I am admin and mod on some of them.

I joined this forum to counter the false accusations that were being posted by soyl and his fellow eater lackeys, by them using variations of my user name (like Bi gal ) and my picture and avatar. I will maintain my Right to defend myself from their lies on every forum I can.

Lets look at what Soyl has been up to. Despite me never having met him, he started a smear campaign against me, that he continues to this day on many forums. On the ranter he states:
12 November 2010, 06:19 by Soy lent Green. "When 90% of the posts
are by Bi Gal, Soyl and tbakl and their dools you can be pretty sure
it is a dead place."

Yes MANY of the dools are soyl who is joining sites solely to attack me.

He has even started a blog where he continues to quote me out of context and falsely attributes every post to an innocent man, but uses my photograph that he stole from my hacked pc

His recent post on the Ranter quantifies that it is him or that he is closely connected to it as he in reply to a post states:
17 November 2010, 18:12 By Soy lent Green. "This goes into the blog."

As most of soyls posts are downright lies it come as no surprise to see that he will not and cannot answer questions about them. We have seen time and time again that he avoids answering questions about his false claims.
If the members here want a confirmed and self admitted liar to be a member this is up to them. But he has been banned temporarily a few times from AMB, He has been banned permanently on TSB. and 419 legal and is currently suspended posting as Bi Gal on the new Juot/dot net site. and he is not welcome on AFI.

He states;
"I admit to making what I believe to be his RL details public. And if some Advance Fee fraudster in australia gets frustrated when his deals do not pan out, and his great payout is stolen by a baiter, and he resolves to talk about his disappointments in person - I shall be glad.

Apart from now falsely accusing me of scamming it seems,
why has he posted what he believes to be my real life details ? Why after being told many times and without any solid proof as there is none, does he continue to post the name and address of a totally innocent man and contribute to his and his families harassment?
You could ask why this concerns me as I am not that person. The answer is that my photograph that he stole from my pc, is being used with this innocent mans name.

Why in the name of all that is holy, does he persist in persecuting a totally innocent man just because he happens to have the similar name to one of my baiter names chosen at random? and posting his real life details and photo's of his house all over the internet.

Yes I have my faults and I am not mr almighty and super clean, I have my faults like everyone else but I would NEVER in a million years knowingly harass a totally innocent man and his children, this is the act of a coward and a sub human being.
He has at long last ADMITTED that he is doing this.

If anyone here is thinking of banning anyone, then this alone qualifies for a ban as it clearly breaks the rules of common decency and humanity.

@Chevtech. Thank you for your interesting reply. It may have escaped your notice but Soyl is trolling THIS forum that you are a member of, not a person.

I was answering a request by the site owner to air my grievance's.

It is revealing to see you support a member who is harassing an innocent man and his family, and encouraging others to harass and phone him at three in the morning and scare his children. I would call this child abuse, how about you?

Maybe this is acceptable behavior to you, maybe your morals and ethics allow you to idly stand by or even to encourage this type of behavior. Your post would suggest this is true. If so, you have my pity.

This is your free choice, but my conscience does not allow me to stand idly by, while this behavior is perpetrated upon an innocent man and his family.
This I believe differentiates us from ignorant animals and shows us as human beings.

I am sure you are a wonderful warm human being, to condone and encourage this type of behavior against a fellow internet user, who has not been involved in any of this, nor indeed is not even a baiter as far as I am aware.