Thursday, December 16, 2010

stop 'the big AL keylogger'

Then stick by your word and remove the avatar. If as you state he is a banned member then surely this is easily justified?

Insults will not remove the stigma that you lie to your members.
And you are NOT a man of your word.

Piss weak excuses for breaking your word will not wash, You are either a man of honour or a weak willed lying cretin. which is it?

Lets look at one of these so called "LONG bitch-session" pm's

"Hi, I reported a post by " the big AL keylogger"
I notice that you have removed the personal details of a member from view.
I would like to ask that you remove and stop 'the big AL keylogger'
from posting a stolen picture of me in his avatar.

This picture was stolen from my PC by a fellow baiter who put a
keylogger on my pc in retaliation for me telling the truth about some

This real life picture of me WAS not put on the web by me nor
authorized by me in any way. It was STOLEN by a low life. I would be
grateful if it was permanently removed from use by him. Thank you. AL

As anyone can see it is a reasonably SHORT pm!!!! but explains the situation quite adequately. As max seems to be unable to grasp what I was asking in this clear pm I did explain it again in similar words, these then are the LONG winded explanations that he finds so hard to read, yet he seems to be able to read my posts ok on here?

My request was polite and reasonable as well as fair, yet Max chose to make a big issue out of it and lie to the members. One wonders why?

It has been unfortunate that I had to take these actions to protect my reputation, from some one who was using a stolen picture of me to attempt to defame me.

I have not initiated any actions, but I feel justified in taking action to protect myself from these attacks by the eater lackeys. And I will continue to do whatever it takes to defend myself, as is the right of everyone to do so.

I hope we can now put this behind us and help AMB to grow with truth and fairness to ALL the members.

Soyl as a Little brown man, how did it feel to find out that the eater you support is being run by a white supremist group and that you are now working for them?

Did they inform you of this when you joined?

Did they tell you that you would be actively working for

The Afrikaner Broederbond, as one of their slaves?

Yes it was amazing how Makizzle could never answer this question? But ran away everytime. Just like Soyl is too afraid to answer any question about the Broederbond!
And Fb is too afraid to answer why he is persecuting an innocent man and his family! yet just like you, they are only too eager to slap people without knowing the facts!.