Monday, December 13, 2010

I was ALL 72 members on Dot net

Yet again Soyls shows what an idiot he is. Hey Chandy, remember when you said that I was ALL 72 members on Dot net?

WOW, did we ever have another good laugh at you then as well.

Word of the week for Soyl is DUH.

Now don't forget Chandy when you accuse me of being ALL the members on here as well, there are 938 members. ROTFLMAO.

A Soyl pictured below, is commonly known as a Slightlysoylofit.
A creature who is known to try to deceive its fellows.
It can be found crawling around the eater site gratefully picking up the crumbs that its master leave for it.

Mentally unstable it lives to cause mischief. Habitat= the sewers of Kerala and crawling after the eater mods. It deserves our pity as it cannot think for its self.