Sunday, December 5, 2010

This raises some questions

Thank you all for your answers. It is noteworthy to see that no one (as far as I am aware) has answered from Gmail customer support!

I phoned their Sydney office to talk to a customer support person, but was told that Google do not offer live support. 

This raises some questions, as on some of the websites that I admin and moderate were talking about using Google adsense.

 How would we approach this with any degree of confidence that Google would help us if we hit a major problem, when they do not have customer support staff available?
Maybe it is not such a good idea to use this service of Google.

When Google do not reply to a customer,  then what is the point of signing up for any of their other services?

I talked to one of our senior members who is a Google Postini customer and he was quite upset to hear about the lack of customer support. He was going to talk to other business contacts of his to see if they are having problems with Google customer support as well, as it does seem to be widespread.

Now people can clearly see what the idiots are trying to do, this idiot says he has had this email for a long time, yet a Google search shows this place as the sole appearance of this email. It is obvious that this is the same person who is using Gmail accounts in clear breach of their TOS.