Monday, December 6, 2010

I checked on the internet and saw

I have never spoken to Mr x. The first knowledge I had about him was when an eater admin Slightlyoutofit started to post his details on another forum and stated that he was positive it was me?

I checked on the internet and saw that mr x had some posts on an aussie site called Whirlpool. His real life name has the first and middle name that I use as one of my made up baiting names, I have absolutely no idea where his surname comes into the picture.
Even Slightlyoutofit when questioned could only say "I saw it somewhere" But then again no one has ever posted any proof that mr x is me. As there is none.

Slightlyoutofit an eater admin, boasted that he had phoned this guy up at three in the morning and woke up and scared his children ( I have no children by the way, a simple fact that seems to have escaped the logic of the eater retards)

This is the same admin who also boasted that he wiped a soft toy with what he thought was swine flue infected tissues, from a fellow worker and then gave the soft toy to his neighbors child hoping to infect the whole family, this is the type of person that soyl is supporting. nice guy eh and after this he was promoted to admin on eater.

Some of the eater lackeys including soyl have since encouraged people to phone mr x and have posted his full name, address and PHONE number on some sites in an attempt to encourage others to harass him.
Recently mr x's home Photo with his car and bike rego highlighted was posted in public by these same eater lackeys.

I had never heard of mr x until the eater lackeys started to post his name and another eater admin Lotta started to post his address under her avatar and associated his address with my baiting name in direct breach of their own rules.

As soyl has been keen to promote mr x across many forums as me, let him now provide us with positive proof that mr x is, as he claims me.
I will be very interested in seeing how they can fabricate evidence to prove the unprovable.

And Al has raged impotently - his highest threat has been sic-ing his dawg on to me - a certain guy with criminal records in the US who he says "has connections in India".

I have no idea what or who soyl is referring to, maybe he could enlighten me as to my imaginary friend? probably more crap fed him by his eater masters, I have no idea about this.