Wednesday, December 8, 2010

solid proof

I have no doubt that the surname of the owner of a property would be recorded.
What I want proof of, is how is this surname supposed to be connected to me?
Yes I use, as a made up baiting name, the same first name and middle name of mr x as I have clearly stated many times, but I do not know how his surname has been connected to me This you have been unable to provide as it does not exist.
You have made great mileage out of accusing me of being mr x without any proof, so I am calling you out on this soyl put up or shut up. You claim many times that this mr x is me. Again I ask, provide solid proof or stand condemned for all time as a liar and a troll and a coward. Who is a disgrace to the good name of Indians everywhere. The surname of mr x is NOT my surname nor is it connected to me in any way that I am aware of. Come on Soyl post your solid evidence and prove me wrong, like you told everyone that I was the person who set up the original dot net. and how you were CERTAIN it was me, but when eater publicly stated that it was an American guy you went strangely quiet. Come on Soyl, post your proof instead of admitting yet again that you are a lier, we already know this. I rest my case. It is time for Soyl to go. @BirdOPrey5. Please honor his request and remove him from the sight of decent honest people. And close his account as he has publicly resigned thanks. At long last you get the message. It took a while but I think you are waking up to reality. I am still waiting Soyl to see your proof. I am still waiting Soyl to see your proof. The owner gave us the opportunity to put our respective points of view. We did so and you made some statements that I dispute and you did not qualify your claims. So please post the proof of your claims.