Saturday, December 25, 2010

All these things have been reported and documented.

Strange how the poster there has an INDIAN IP?

Hi Soyl as a tech I would have thought that you would have checked this, remember saying that eternal vigilance was needed?

Soyl I think it is about time you stopped trolling this and other forums.

Hey soyl did you explain to your fellow ranter members why you posted a photograph of a member of the ranter hidden forum?

I was under the impression that admittance to theRanter private area's was subject to the member agreeing to keep things that were posted in there secret?
Indeed I Was informed that this was one thing that would get a member banned on tR

I wonder who's personal details Chandra will be posting next. he has already exposed many things that eater wanted kept quiet.

I wonder what else he will be posting from the so called secret area's of eater and tR?
Maybe things that the members would rather keep hidden?

This is what happens when you allow self confessed mentally unstable people like Soyl into your cleared area's.

Why would Soyl post things that he promised to keep secret in a public forum?
Hypo has not done anything to deserve this. But these things do not matter to Soyl as long as he gets attention he is happy, and bugger the cost to his fellow members.

Is it any wonder the line of disgruntled ex-eater members grows by the day??

There has been quite a lot of mention made regarding the harassment, mistreatment, and smear campaigns waged against past members of Eater TheTruth has documented such notable firsts in the scam baiting world as the first usage of picture of a previous member (J Dog) being used by an eater mod (chrisd234) in order to mock or menace that member, then there was Shiver's lewd photoshop of an innocent when he added a penis on to a picture of a friend of theFAILURE's- just to name a couple.

Eater staff and inner circle have had their fun with members in a myriad of ways. They have used duplicate accounts to torment current members who chose to participate at black-listed sites such as theRanter (a la Master Shake). They have used their members to spy on posters at other sites and to obtain for them personal information and pictures to be used as future ammunition, as they did with Reprob8- and then proceeded to "rat him out", leaving him in a position where no one would trust him again. They have lad-bombed members' place of business phone, and they have phished passwords to email accounts; they have used previous premium members' PayPal information to threaten their privacy. All these things have been reported and documented.