Friday, December 17, 2010

I was the owner of Dot net.

Tell me Chandy is "at least one of them" equal to all 72 members as you stated many times?

As for the rest Chandy, as an eater lackey you only hear what they want to feed you, check your facts and then you can speak with some credibility.

Chandy baby . For many months you were telling everyone that I was the owner of Dot net.

Oh you were SURE that it was me , Positive in fact, absolutely positive, there could be NO mistake, as you had been fed the lies by your easter/ broederbond masters and they are NEVER wrong are they Chandy?

Remember you shouting about it all over the internet , telling anyone who would listen that it was me who owned Dot net.

In exactly the same way that you are saying mr x is me.

Soyl do your lies ever stop? 

Got it Chandy baby YOU said that bigal was the real OWNER.

Bigal was the real owner

Chandy you can shout as much as you like, but you are still lying and you are still a self confessed and proven liar. 
Poor Chandy, Run boy run.

Make up your mind Chandy, first you say that the other guy is a "STOOGE" of bigal, now you say he "ORDERED" bigal to do things.
The trouble is Chandy, you have told that many lies you have totally lost the plot,

We can clearly see that you have lied repeatedly and told people that I was the owner of Dot net, despite me telling you many times that I was NOT the owner of dot net.

Yet the eater retards and you have stalked me and harassed me for this "Crime" of being the owner of DOT net, despite it being totally untrue. As I have stated all along.

Soyl, you just post lie after lie, in your obsession to be accepted by the eater seniors, but they too are now seeing that having some one like you to follow their orders, is working against them.

The damage your lies and stupidity have caused them is awesome. Remember Soyl and eater "You sow a wind and reap a hurricane"