Thursday, December 16, 2010

illegal hacking of a members computer

Max why are you lying to your members? I put in a fair reasonable and polite request for my real life photo to be removed from your site and you refused.
Instead replying with crap excuses.
YET you openly state that ANY personal info posted on AMB will be removed?

I thought that you were a man of your word, but it seems this word only apply 's to your "friends" and other members are treated with disdain. VERY eaterish.

Will you now follow the eater modality and ban me for telling the truth? There are many sites where the truth can be posted freely. Big AL

I tend to agree. Yet in this case there is no Dual. Max has indeed lied to the members and is not acting as a person of integrity would.

As an administrator, it is reasonable to expect him to stick to his word, This he has not done.

The allowing of a members real life, photo chopped picture, to be displayed on this forum after it was stolen from my pc by a hacker is also not funny.

Max seems to want to allow this, after stating publicly that he would NOT allow it.

I am astounded that he see's fit to condone this action by refusing to stick to his word.

Does he then agree with the illegal hacking of a members computer?

I would have thought it not unreasonable to ask him to stick to his word?