Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is absolutely hilarious. I do not know what the owner is smoking but he could make money selling it.

A little background first. Because I reported Joe from to vbulletin for a breach of confidence, as I have a right to do, he banned me from his site with a piss poor excuse as I had not broken any rules, then he convinced his pals to take action against me including the owner Dee of 8thlegioin who de modded me as a result.

Following several posts where Joe consistently lied, I finally resigned from 8th in disgust.

A few days later a member on 8th posted saying that she was in a possible scam situation. So I posted once more to offer her any assistance I could as it was the correct thing to do as I have a lot of experience in fighting scammers and spammers.

Now here comes the hilarious part that shows that the owner seems to have lost the plot altogether.

He immediately posted a sarcastic post so I replied that I was posting to help his member, this infuriated him so much that he banned me ( forgetting that I was NOT a member as I had resigned a few days earlier) and then he posted this absolute load of crap.

Bigal said: ↑

No. I do not have to lurk, I get an email notification when a post is made.

What is of more concern is why are you trying to score points, when one of your members is in trouble?
Why are you as a tech not helping her? Even though I did not want to post here I decided that it was best to assist her and offer her the resources of my anti-fraud site as this was more important than our dispute.

I consider the safety of a member more important than scoring points. Why don't you?

His answer:

Ha ha you gonna sit there and tell me how to run my site. Toonz did it yesterday in tinychat. He was complaining about the lack of safety on my site and saying I could sell people's info to credit card companies but if he was really so concerned, he wouldn't have gotten banned for harassing moderators like you will be in a minute for getting on my got damn nerves and would instead be helping members out whether I was replying to their threads or not.

If you want to care so much, create your own tech support forum. This ain't a 'Facebook Tech Support' forum. This thread wasn't even created in the Help and FAQs forum. Whenever Vicky really needs help, she always creates threads in the Help and FAQs subforum or pms me directly, not make threads in the The Public Forum. That's because as a moderator, she knows the 3rd site rule, 3. Don’t annoy the moderators and only create threads about site issues in the Help and FAQs subforum.

Now lets look at what happened. He BANNED another member (toonz) yesterday for HELPING one of his members. And to day he banned me for also offering to HELP his member.

I ask you is this the actions of a sane admin?