Saturday, November 26, 2011

another fake site set up by the scammer who bop supports

There ya go DRE here is another fake site set up by the scammer who bop supports. I think you will find the link on bops site.
They slap 8th and post racist remarks on there about 8th. For the record I HAVE NEVER POSTED THERE. All is impersonation and altering copies of posts etc it would be stupid for anyone to think I would set up and post on a site just to defame myself.

The scammers do use a lot of virus on their links like:
Win 32 virus.
WoWMatrix keylogger / data stealer

But it is ok, your good friend bop and his mods all say these virus do not exist and it is safe to visit the links, despite them being picked up by very sophisticated AV programs that bop cannot afford to run.
So go ahead ! After all bop is trustworthy isn't he?

Posted on there by the scammer pretending to be me. AGAIN I STATE THAT I HAVE NEVER POSTED ON THERE.

Nice eh? and this is the guy who bop is supporting. Why not ask BOP why he is supporting such a scammer low life and promoting him on his website and allowing links to such racist crap where he is also defaming your website? Who knows, if you report this scammer, then you too could be banned for reporting as I was. And then bop could tell the members lies as to why you were banned. This is his way.