Monday, November 28, 2011

so busy some admins

Since when is seeking the truth unhealthy? Joe I do not give rats arse about being banned from a site where the owner is a LIAR. But when you start to post lies about me I will defend myself as best I can. As long as it is needed and nothing will stop me from doing the right thing.
Note I am not harrassing you, I am answering your posts about me and defending myself from your lies.    

I thank you and I am sorry that you have to see all this. I offered to discuss this in private, but Joe would not do so.

As he banned me from his website and will not answer me I have no opportunity to discuss this matter with him, so I am forced to post about it on other forums that he can see, so he has the chance to defend himself if he can, this is only fair.

I am only asking for him to tell the truth and do the right thing.

Action has been taken against me as a result of his lies, so this must be corrected. exposure is one way of bringing change.

@Menem. I understand that it can be annoying, however when a member, any member, who is doing the right thing by 8th is victimized and penalized for something that never happened, then I will go to bat for them as long as it takes to set right the injustice. I proved this recently by going to bat for a mod who was demodded unjustly, until the injustice was corrected.

Why should I not do this for myself?

Some times as they are so busy some admins need a reminder, that in many aspects they work on behalf of the members who are doing the right thing and helping a site to grow, for without good members a site will die or become inconsequential, therefor it is beholding upon an admin to do the right thing by their members and correct any injustice that may have occurred, due to false or misleading information. This is a true test of the character of an admin.    

And I meant incumbent rather than beholding, but who the fuck cares? These niggers are pissing me the fuck off.