Monday, November 14, 2011

there will literally be blood on the streets


smallfish. Do you do a lot of spamming, You know stealing others bandwidth for your own benefit? Looks like you are a low down thief to me.

The lads were probably moonlighting as bouncers/security guards to earn extra cash. After all, they're trained to subdue and firearms, and have great contacts with the local PD... I can see them being quite in demand!

If the threat is acted on, there will literally be blood on the streets - the Zetas have been hit hard by the Mexican government this year, but are still highly dangerous, as are their rival cartels, who would doubtless be interested to know who's been working against them.
So both those 'outed' and those doing the outing will be endangered - the Zetas have acquired the services of hackers in the past, after all, and have absolutely no restraint when it comes to removing those who annoy them.

Personal keychains are a great idea... now, who's got the solution to being able to slurp data from them, spread viruses to all your devices through them, and so on...?