Saturday, November 26, 2011

defaming me on another forum

Many people were just too decent to believe that things like genocide and the concentration camps could possibly exist in a civilized society. And the Nazi's were good at propaganda and spreading distorted facts and lies to every one.

We still see traces of this in life today and on the internet, with politicians lying to their electorates and admins lying to their members. When some people gain a little power they lose all sense of propriety and integrity.

When backed by a little authority it can be easy to mislead people even "smart" people are taken in. I see it all the time with scammers, who use fake documents to convince innocent victims that they are really bank managers or government officials.
To the victims they are all close friends, who are helping them, while they are working against them to steal from them.
The damage inflicted upon these innocent victims can be horrendous, and all because good people allow the LIARS to do their work.

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing when they see it.    

I own the vb license for a website that deals with the scammers and assists their victims, we have over twenty thousand fantastic members and we operate in fourteen different languages. Check it out and see if I am telling the truth. Click on any of the flags on the left side and it will take you to that countries language room.

I am also a member in good standing on another anti fraud site that has over 74,000 members.

I am a global mod on yet another anti fraud site. You know about that one as I posted a link to 8th for you.

I am a mod on yet another smaller anti fraud site.

We have saved victims many millions of dollars, but more important, we have managed to help the victims, some who were in dire and distressed states.
Why do you think I am fighting those who support scammers on their websites? When a webmaster lies, as he supports scammers and cheats on his website and then denigrates those who assist victims, then I will not stand by and idly let him do this.

DRE check the FACTS, and see for yourself. You have access to those sites as you are a member, do some searching and see what they are doing. See the members ADMIT they are cashbaiting (Ilegal) see the admin state that he agrees with this practice.

When you have worked alongside an elderly female victim who has sent her lifes savings to the scammers, and was lying in bed terrified that the FBI were coming to arrest her if she did not send more money to the scammers and whose life was made a total misery, then you will understand why I hate LIARS and conmen.
I do not care if they are in Nigeria or are admins of websites in the USA, they will be brought to account if I can do it.

I can tell you many more true stories, some will make you want to vomit on your keyboard with disgust.
A Mother with five children pushed out on the street after losing all her money AND her house, AFRICAN orphans starving, after having the money that was to feed them stolen by scammers that was meant for the orphanage (Orphanage scams) . Need I go on?

Sadly, some web masters on some sites we both know, actually support scammers and their evil work and lie about anyone who tries to stop the scammers from hurting victims.

The sad part, is that some people actually believe their lies and take action against those who are telling the truth.    

DRE lets look at one of the low life scammers that we fight. he is called . "Valley Valentine Fombe" He steals money from African orphanages leaving his fellow African and Cameroonian children to starve. If you have any trouble connecting, Google his name.

Check out his lavish lifestyle and flash cars, all paid for with the suffering of innocent children. Are you aware that some children are sold to be cut up and their body parts used in JUJU rituals in the belief that this magic will help scammers? guess where many of these poor souls come from? This is NOT a game DRE this is life and death for many victims, let alone the massive suffering the scammers cause them.

Tell me DRE why I should not be fighting such scammers, and why I am wrong in working against those admins on other websites who support the scammers in any way. I do not give a toss who they have helped, I care about the victims who are suffering. They will not discuss things with me as you have seen as they are as guilty as hell.

Tell me why you see fit to demod me for reporting one of them to vbulletin, for posting defamatory remarks against someone who is fighting these scammers, while he is on the support staff of vbulletin. And breaking a confidentiality agreement. If one victim commits suicide because of his support of the scammers, will you be able to live with yourself?

DRE, tell me who will stand up for and help the starving innocent children of these scammers and all their other victims. Who will speak for them as they cannot speak for themselves?
Will you help them? or will you accept the lies fed to you by such evil people who only want to stop people from working against the scammers.

These are AFRICAN children. I am white. This does not matter, what matters is that the scammers are stopped by any lawful means we can. We sometimes are the last hope for these victims. We will not be stopped, the stakes are too high.

It is not desirable, but it will not stop me from fighting them if you de mod me or even ban me for telling the truth, It will not slow me down or stop me.

My membership of these types of sites is irrelevant when it comes to stopping the scammers and assisting their victims. If by my actions I save the life of one starving child then all the sites like this become irrelevant.

It would help me if you did the right thing by one of your members, who only speaks the truth, but in the long run it matters not. The victims are my first priority.    

Check out his lifestyle paid for with unbearable misery and the starvation of innocent black children.
Why am I fighting these scammers and others are supporting them ?

Why am I as a white man aiding black children, while some black men are helping the scammers ?

DRE. I do not and never will stop fighting those who support scammers in any form, no matter what lies they tell to hide their crimes. It is up to you now to decide who is telling the truth and act accordingly, I can back up everything I have said, while the other member can not provide any proof of what he says. AL.    

No. If you remember back, I came here because one of the scammers who Bop5 is supporting came here to impersonate me. And I came to defend myself, as is my right. He is even allowing the scammer to use what he thinks is my real name and address and posting links to my real photo that he KNOWS was stolen from my PC by a hacker. Are these the actions of a decent admin?
He is actively supporting the persecution of an innocent man and his family and the harassment of his family. The facts are all there for you to see.

And yet you are tolerating that behavior by Bop?

Sorry DRE the facts cannot be altered. He may have helped you, but he is a proven and confirmed liar and is supporting scammers on his website. And nothing you can do or say will alter the truth.

You do not want to find out the truth but that will never alter it. Before you make up your mind why not check ?

I have given you links to where the true facts are, and you can check for yourself as a member of Juot and AMB or are you afraid that you will find out that what I say is the real FACTS.

Why is bop so afraid to talk to me? Surely if he is as you say he would at least try to do the right thing, but no, he is afraid as he cannot defend his lies and disreputable actions. A decent honorable person as you portray him to be would try to settle things in a reasonable manner, but he cannot, as he is lying and cannot back his lies up.

A year in hospital puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the financial recourses of anyone, the temptation to use ones technical abilities to produce income by ANY means becomes very strong. And using that ability to produce income from cell phone sites could be an easy way out. Maybe some people would fall for the temptation I do not know who but think upon it.

Why has bop suddenly turned and is hell bent on defaming and harrassing me as I fight scammers?

Why would it bother him if I close down some cell phone scam sites? Or even other scam sites, surely as a responsible admin he would be applauding me, after all he is a decent guy according to you. Yet strangely we see him do the opposite why is that DRE?    

Let me tell you about another scammer, the type that bop is supporting.

This scammer is a tech guy the name he uses is "Pastor Jerry" he is no more a pastor than I am.

He helps other scammers with his tech ability and they all think he is a great guy.
His real life is different, he trains romance scammers to go after lonely ladies WITH young children.

He sends the victim a web cam or even a laptop with a cam to show his love for them, paid for by stolen credit cards and coerces them to pose for him, then he blackmails them to come to Lagos WITH THE CHILDREN.

After robbing the victim and sexually abusing her AND THE CHILDREN he then onsells them first to the underground NOLLYWOOD film producers, White folk are in demand there, then as sex slaves to his contacts in Hong Kong. They are never heard from again.
This is a scammer and NO one should be supporting them let alone a staff member on vbulletin.

Yet all who know him on the surface say what a great helpful guy he is, as he helps them with their tech problems.

But you go ahead DRE and stick up for bop, who SUPPORTS scammers on his website, and is taking action against those who fight scammers. Go ahead, do not check the facts, make a decision based on what a confirmed liar tells you.
I am sure the innocent victims who suffer so much, will appreciate all the help you can give anyone who supports scammers.    

DRE you took action against me for reporting a confidentiality breach ON ANOTHER FORUM as is my right. NOTHING to do with 8th.

What action will you be taking against Bop for defaming me on another forum? That is, if the same rules apply to everyone equally.

I am only asking for a fair go for all your members on an equal basis.