Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I do a lot of searching

Research . as a scambaiter I do a lot of searching. The guy I am looking at now has over 106,000 hits on Google.
but I am finding a lot of information about him.    

Did I mention how I phish passwords from Nigerians? Funny story--I have absolutely zero skillz when it comes to the computer, but I have been lucky enough to dupe a couple of guys to come to my piece of shit forum and share with me a couple of their tools that snag passwords from the lads. Then it's the usual story of getting into their boxes and looking for victims. When I find someone who has sent some money by western union or moneygram, I get the number and run to the shop where I collect the money ahead of the lad.

This is called cashbaiting.

I know what you're thinking. Hey Big AL, isn't that wrong? Well fuck you. I got bills to pay, bitch. You think my pool cleans itself? I have to pay a Filipino lady to come in and skim it and add the chlorine and clean the hair out of the filter. I'm not doing that. I'm fucking retired. Sometimes if I'm horny I'll get a handjob too, but that costs extra. You can't get this kind of service on a pensioners salary. She has a face like a clenched fist, but she has a clenched fist like an angel.