Tuesday, November 22, 2011

these are not the posts you are looking for.

Move along there, these are not the posts you are looking for.

Well if you did not do it and I did not do it who else has access to the edit buttons? Have you promoted any trolls recently?

Hey Steve, remember when your lot moved all the posts on another site called ASB?

Yes A.S.B short for the full name. 

Daniel Berner, It looks as though he is posting under his new name all over the internet.


This add shows him using a Photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ( I think)


Please feel free to report him and post comments about him. If we can reduced the effectiveness of his adds then this would be good.
Particularly effective is a reminder that he was DEPORTED as a sex pervert from the Philippines.

He seems to have a follow up routine where he contacts his old "victims' to see if they can be scammed now.

He may be short of money, so tries to see if he can re kindle old potential victims.
The email seems to be a re hash of some of his older ones.

He is using some early pics as he is now looking a lot more haggard.