Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The internet is not safe,

To protect yourself it would be a good idea to inform the passport issuing authorities, just in case.

The internet is not safe, so it is always wise to never give any details over the internet, especially to some one who you have never met. UNLIKE ME, WHO GAVE AWAY THE STORE MORE THAN ONCE BECAUSE I THOUGHT I COULD GET SOME PUSSY OUT OF IT LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

You may like to do an identity theft check via the link below if you are concerned that they may want to steal your ID.

@ldow. Welcome to AFI. If you have given them any bank or credit card details then you need to cancel those accounts asap.

Please stop all contact with them. If they have your details then they have them, you cannot get them back.

If you have lost money then please report this to your local police as a crime (fraud) has been committed and ask them if they have a cybercrime section.

It may help if you take along hard copies of the emails and give them to the police.