Sunday, November 27, 2011

I was trying to get you fired

Thank you for at last in a small way discussing things. You do not mention whether you discussed things with your good pal Max on AMB as he also banned me without any reason and took action against me on the SAME DAY as you responded. again I had broken NO RULE on there. So the question is, did you discuss with either of them your reasons for banning me, IE that I reported you for a breach of confidentiality as you are a staff member on VBulletin and posted a defamatory post linking me to a CONFIDENTIAL message I had with vbulletin support? ON your website. ( I have copies) If so then this is ANOTHER breach of confidentiality that you have done.

Joe lets get this straight, a message by a vbulletin customer to vbulletin support is CONFIDENTIAL and should NOT be discussed with anyone who is not on vbulletin staff. for it to be known and used against me is a gross wrong, especially as what I am accused of never took place. But then the truth does not seem to matter to you Joe does it?

What I say to Vbsupport should not be discussed with DRE or Max or your mods or anyone else, as this is a breach of your trust as a staff member .

Joe your second big mistake was to misquote a REQUEST for information from me to you as a threat, and use it as a reason to ban me. And then start a smear and lies campaign to cover your mistake.You then reversed the ban, but never explained why you made such a stupid mistake and you continue to LIE about it.

Joe why is it that you have NEVER answered this and continue to lie to your members about it, first telling them I was banned for a supposed unproven threat and then you changed the story and told them it was because I was reporting a scammer to you via the report button too many times? Which one is the truth and which one is a LIE Joe?

Joe Want to know why I would like to talk to you? I want you to explain what dreadful deed I did that caused you to start a smear and lie campaign against me when I had NOT BROKEN any rules on your website, how then can you justify banning me and talking to others to do the same?

Why are you afraid to answer my reasonable questions JOE?

Joe I call you out on this and call you a coward and a liar and I have proven it. If you consider me to be wrong, then post your proof.
I have a lot more to post, and I am proving that you do lie to and deceive and mislead your members and friends.
Prove me wrong Joe, or forever stand as a liar and a person of no integrity.

Why has a friend of yours demodded me for exercising my right to report an abuse and a breach of confidentiality by you to vbulletin ? Why have you both stated that I tried to get you fired. Joe you have seen and have access to EVERY message I sent to vbulletin, please show me the one where I asked or even mentioned about you being fired?

Come on JOE I am again calling you out on this PUT UP OR SHUT UP. POST the message or messages where you claim I was trying to get you fired . I NEVER asked this at any time. Post the messages to back up your claim and we can confirm them with Vbulletin. Come on Joe you say you are "professional" then back up what you say

If you cannot then admit you lied and set things straight. Joe I have only ever stated the clear plain truth to you while you have constantly twisted the truth and lied, is this the actions of a staff member on vbulletin?

PROVE me wrong Joe, post the messages where I asked for you to be fired!!

True LATER on I said that as an honorable "proffesional" the right thing would be for you to step down until this matter was settled. but I NEVER mentioned you being fired at any stage .

Joe as you can see ALL my messages to VBulletin it is incumbent on you as a "professional" as you claim, to confirm with DRE that I NEVER asked for or mentioned anything about you being fired.

It is wrong for Dre to demod anyone based upon something that NEVER happened.

Joe after you banned me yet again for breaking no rule, but because I reported you for breaching confidentiality . You said this ;
 Joe please point out in your rules where a supposed lack of professionalism is a bannable offense, I cannot seem to find it. or is this what you call being a "professional?"

Sounds remarkably like a THREAT to me Joe. It contains a threat and a demand and possible blackmail as to the action you will take if I do not meet your demands.

^^ :LOL: The only trouble is that he is too scared to even discuss things with me, let alone meet me in a fair fight where he does not have the ban button.

A lot if the facts are posted here

But Joe will not post there as he is too afraid and does not have the ban button to back him up.

I am quite happy to take it to private, but Joe will not reply. And is too afraid to discuss it like a man.    
I agree, it is easy to stop all Joe has to do is set things straight and do the right thing.

I have better things to do than play with a confirmed LIAR, but I will not allow him to get away with posting continuous lies about me or other members.    

Which two words were too many? I will remove them. :oops: