Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am NOT Australian I am English, as I have said many times.

More lies Joe? You are allowing scammers to post on Juot as I have informed you many times. You are allowing them to post viral links and links to the personal information of other members who fight scammers. And you support the scammers by banning some one who reports them for these actions to you.

You allow scammers to use user names that they believe are the names of other members who fight scammers, ergo you are supporting scammers. The fact that the user name belongs to an innocent man and is used by the scammes to harass and intimidate him and to scare his children WITH YOUR BLESSING seems not to bother you at all, just some more "fun" as you say.

No Joe, I do NOT think it is a joke for an admin to post and support the use of illegal cashbaiting on his site. You do not have to spend days supporting the victims of these scams as I and other decent human beings do.

Especially on a site where you support scammers who openly admit to cashbaiting. A decent reasonable admin and an honest person would post against such illegal practices that injure innocent victims.

More twisting of the truth Joe? You post on a whole load of sites like, The and Carecure forums, as well as on AMB via the network, and on many operating system forums, as well as on your own os website. In fact a search shows you post on many many sites.

Yet MORE lies Joe? you say you do not give a sh*t about what I
think about you, yet you have influenced the admins of other sites to take action against me for breaking NO RULES on their sites, but by you again twisting the truth and openly lying about me. You are a proven and confirmed LIAR and just about every statement you make about me is a lie that I have been able to prove. See how many more LIES you have made in just this last post of yours.
I think the only time I saw you tell the truth was when you posted that others were impersonating me and that you considered that I was NOT crazy as it was happening.

More twisting of the facts Joe. Have you made any attempt to discuss things with me? I have offered many times and said that I am available on skype and Gmail to talk to you but every time you have failed to reply.

What are you so afraid of Joe? can you only talk to me while protected by your admin powers or the powers of another admin ? Why are you so afraid to talk to me man to man and sort this out to our mutual benefit?

Joe why are you SO AFRAID to discuss things between just us two?
I take it that as you announced that you were in Hospital that you are now feeling better and I can continue to expose you for the liar that you are. I have refrained form doing so out of consideration for your illness.
Now I hope you are feeling better and I can continue. Rest assured Joe, that when some one supports scammers and lies to everyone about me then I will never rest until things are put right.

You know that I never stop, so again I ask that you be a man and have the courage to discuss this matter so we can settle it and both get on with our lives. Your choice Joe, it makes no difference to me. I have been fighting scammers and corrupt admins for over five years, one more will not make much difference.

PS-Get your facts right Joe, I am NOT Australian I am English, as I have said many times.    

Yes Dre he is a joke and cannot tell the truth if he tried. Strange how people are drawn in by his proven LIES.    

Strange how things happen. I was just answering a query by a potential victim and here is part of my answer, I thought it appropriate and explained things rather well about scammers and their supporters.

I want to destroy Rahstyles. I deleted the chatbox messages and the forums. Ban me ADMIN.