Friday, November 25, 2011

give a liar a promotion

I do not think That I will ever understand people. On another site I warned the admin about a troll member, so he promoted him to supermod, the troll lied to the admin and he believed him.
Then suddenly ALL the posts on that site were deleted. Some admins just cannot see the wood for the trees.Why give a liar a promotion?

Now the funny thing is that despite there being absolutely NO posts at all on the site we are still getting new people join? :wtf: I just don't understand this internet thing. Like when do I call it the internet, and when do I call it the web? What's up with that?

Come back Menen all is forgiven. :LOL:
Menen is great, so come back and post.    

Ella es CALIENTE.    

My colon just had a good workout. I squeezed out a nice solid bowl-winder today. I feel light as a cloud.