Monday, November 12, 2012

Not "only possibly the image"

Joe posts- "You have lost your right to email me.

The only thing I would consider removing is the image. Links to blogs and posts you find objectionable are off the table because you can't even claim copyright over these things, only, possibly, the image."

The so called right to email you is of no consequence, it just denies you being able to obtain information quicker. Your loss.

No Joe, Not "only possibly the image" Most certainly, I have proved my copyright over the image that Chandra stated he stole from my pc (see his post where he admits it) By his post publicly ADMITTING he stole it, any possible legal reason for not removing it you thought you had, is gone.

Joe I have proved that the copyright is mine as both the subject and the photographer, Chandra has admitted he stole it and is using it without my permission.

I again officially request that you remove it, as it is obviously not Chandras property and he has NO Right to the use of it.

As you see fit to allow it to be used, despite official notification that I am the copyright holder, It would be prudent for me to contact the "safe Harbour" regulators for advice.

It is up to you what actions you take in any given situation, however, I will carry on defending myself for as long as it takes.

Your illegal threats will not deter me. Nor will my sandy vagina. It is very sandy. If it were any more sandy, I could rent it out as beachfront property.