Thursday, November 1, 2012

Situs terlihat bersih dan rapi.

One of the things I'm good at doing is using Goggle Translate. It's a great service! I type in a sentence or two for whatever occasion I can find to obnoxiously insert myself into, and it comes out with something like this:

Hai. Situs terlihat bersih dan rapi. Aku akan membuat logo lebih besar dan lebih menonjol.
saya suka cara bahwa Anda telah memasukkan terjemahan bahasa Inggris di bawah setiap judul. Bagus.

Fuck if I know what it really says, but I post shit like that on a forum where someone might not speeka de English so good. So I did that and was rightly told to just write in English because, apparently, I am not actually fooling anyone into thinking I speak or write any language other than English. Well, fuck you man, I do what I want and you're not going to be the boss of me. I came back at this nob with:

As I do not work for you, Did you mean to say,
" Can you please type in English so everyone can understand? Thank you"
Suck on that you fucking fucker.