Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi. My life is not in danger

Hi. My life is not in danger due to a picture (even though I keep crying about it like it is). however the people responsible have used personal information to harass people.

They have chopped a ladies photo onto a made up "slut" magazine cover and sent it along to her employer and posted it on the internet. I have absolutely no evidence to back up this claim, but it totally happened because someone on the internet told me so.

They have set up some blogs and sites that impersonate me I have been successful in dealing with decent hosts and some have been closed down.

Now you can understand why I will never post my personal details on the internet or give it to anyone who I do not trust. I will not subject my family or loved ones to the possibility of this kind of harassment. Let's forget about the fact that I have no family or loved ones who have been bothered by this, although I prattle on and on about it to people all the time so in a sense they ARE being harassed.

It all STARTED over five years ago, but the impersonation and use of my stolen photo is current it happening NOW. I have had a sandy vagina about it for a LONG TIME!!!

it is within someones rights to post information,

True, but it is NOT someone's right to impersonate me, to deceive, in violation of urls TOS, nor use my stolen photo as their own without my permission. The fact that I sent my picture to someone who then sent it to other people is irrelevant.

For instance, I set up a few fake blogs, twitter, forum IDs, etc. as other people in order to harass them, but it was totally ok to do because I AM THE ONE DOING IT!!!!1!!1! When other people do it, it's wrong.

Got that?