Thursday, November 8, 2012

my details will be forwarded to the hackers by RUN DMCA

Thank you all for your posts they are appreciated. The photograph in question was not stolen from my PC by a hacker, I HAVE POSTED IT ON THE INTERNET. I have removed two Keyloggers from my PC because that really happens. Over five years ago I exposed some scammers and hackers and so they are mounting a smear campaign and impersonating me on various sites and blogs. After 5 years. They have been waiting until now to do it. Try to read those words without laughing please.

The Photo is used on and is displayed along with an address. I have asked the owner to remove it but he refuses. I supplied a link to urljet. My foot hurts from stomping it so much. My vagina is also very sandy. My diaper: full-to-overcapacity.

The TOS of urljet clearly states that Impersonation is against their Acceptable use policy. Yet they are allowing one of their clients to abuse their TOS and will not enforce their own rules. I made an anonymous request and they ignored it. WTF?

The group that is impersonating me want my other personal details to further harass me, if I do a DMCA report my details will be forwarded to the hackers by DMCA, and so will put my family and myself in danger, this is unacceptable. I have explained this to the host. And by "life in danger" I obviously mean I will have to stand behind my empty threats that I make online almost every day.

The main imposter is an Indian guy, He is an IT engineer for the Kerala Public works department in India, (I have many of his IP.s that he has used to impersonate me) yet he is using my "White" photo as his own. A simple check of my IP (from Australia) and the imposters from India will easily show the truth. Because I say so.

I have tried to keep this short and to the point, I have a lot more information that I can share with urljet, but they stopped responding to me, and I shit my pants, so I have no other recourse than to bring things out into the open to obtain some action. 

You can go ahead an laugh now, I guess. Who's going to stop you?