Saturday, November 10, 2012

I understand that "Backshee" (back handers) are not unusual in India.

Thanks. However I have contacted them and even given them his IP and username that he is using to surf porn websites using the government computer. Along with other information, I have had No response from them.

I understand that "Backshee" (back handers) are not unusual in India.

I agree that Joe has some tech skill's. But this does not relate to his ethics.

After many requests by me for Joe to remove the stolen photo and links to the blogs that were defaming me, he decided to ban me as he said that I was reporting things that were not relevant, however he then stated that I was banned for "threatening" him when, as is the correct thing to do, I ASKED him if he had an agent for me to send a DMCA report to.

This seemed to anger him greatly, yet I am within my rights to take this action to protect myself. Even though, as I have already said, my life is not in danger because my picture is on his forum. But I have to protect myself because I am in danger. But not really. Because someone might see my picture and then decided to hop on a plane, fly to Brisbane, and knock on my door. Which would never really happen. But it could.

At NO stage did I threaten him, I did do the correct thing and ASK him if he had an agent, as I believe this is the correct way to lodge a DMCA report.
He seemed to think that he could take a REQUEST and turn it into an alleged threat, however this was clearly NOT the case. I can prove it because our exchange lives on in google cache like this:

Unfortunately for you, you do not have any more of my PI to post. However I do have lots of your Pi including your relatives PI I can post or give to others.
So if you want to threaten me and go down this path go for it. I know who will come out with egg on his face and it will not be me. My email is common knowledge, after being posted by those hackers and scammers you support so there is no leverage there for you. My photo has been abused on your website so again this is no further use to you and your threats . So if you like bring it on, I have LOTS of info that I have not passed along as yet.

As I have said many timers I am retired so you cannot threaten me with sending things to my employer, however some are not so fortunate and do have Employers.

Unfortunately Joe has posted quite a few lies and I question his ethics, after he posted confidential information on his website, that I had sent the Vb support staff. After reporting this to VB I was assured by VB staff that as he was an employee he would be sacked if he revealed my Information as he has a non disclosure agreement with them.

I think that Joe is upset that I reported him for doing the wrong thing, and so refuses to remove the stolen photo out of unprofessional vindictiveness.

Or because I am such a dick that he doesn't feel like helping me out.