Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am a scambaiter and upset many scammers greatly

No worries, I have only ever told the truth on 8th so if I am demodded for this then karma will catch up to those who are lying. I thank you for your trust and honesty. AL

Please take care as these messages can be read. I would not like you to get caught up in things. AL.

Thank you it is appreciated. I have lots to keep me busy, I am a member on a site that has over 74,000 members and mod on several others with large numbers of members and viewers.

Fortunately I am now retired and so can spend all day on the internet if I wish, which I do, and pooping in my pool. I am currently sorting out some spammers on a site that gets between 3,500 and 5,000 views a day. I am a global mod on there. It helps if I am a mod, as I can check the spammers and scammers out and deal with them before they can benefit from their lies. I am an internet crime fighter with nothing better to do.

Hi thank you for the invite but TC is not secure. I am a scambaiter and upset many scammers greatly, so it is not wise to allow any of my personal details to be on the Internet. Except for those that I personaly put out there before I knew any better. Sorry, and again thanks for the invite. AL