Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stand by, 2001 Will Be a Year in Review

As I have said on many occasions, stand by, 2011 will be a year of change. And what a year it was! There was nothing but change!! And I'm not just talking about my diapers (although I went through my fair share of those LOL).

To begin with, I closed thousands of easter fake scamming sites, got banned from dozens of forums for telling the TRUTH!!, and brought several hundred Nigerian scammers to justice for their scammy scamming ways. Literally hundreds of people went to jail thanks to me and my team's efforts!

I traveled to Nigeria several times in order to testify in court cases where these CRETINS were punished. A few were sentenced to DEATH!! which all scammers deserve. I was allowed to kick one in the nuts. It was gratifying to see him squirm in pain right before they stretched his neck!!

Then I got home and I returned the lost moneys to various victims, who were grateful, and for the ones I was unable to find, I kept the money to build this nice swimming pool which no one would deny me because of all the hard work I do for victims of scammers.

In addition to all that, I joined, a new website run by some Jap ladyboy because I wanted to help his site grow. There are currently two users and two posts on the site. We're growing !

And let's not forget, where Dr. Dre the Admin acted like a typical dumb nigger and didn't appreciate all the funny pictures I posted there. Fuck him. He can go suck a big nigger dick with those Ubangi lips of his for all I care.