Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good netiquette will win you more friends than insults and make your time here more enjoyable. Thank you.

As there is a tendency for PC users and Mac users to disparage each other. ( jokingly) The image plays on this theme, by indicating that if you use a mac then you are gay. It is saying that as a test to see if you are gay, then the Mac will appeal to you over the PC. So therefore it is indicating that if you prefer the Mac then it is bad news as you are gay.

It is a joke.

As you are new here I would like to draw your attention to the simple rules. Good netiquette will win you more friends than insults and make your time here more enjoyable. Thank you.

"The 8th Legion Forums. Please do not spam, harass members or post Not-Safe-For-Work material."    
Thank you for the message. However you seem to find a joke offensive? Do you wish to hide homosexuality away out of site and never talk about or discuss it?

Your sensitivity to this issue seems to indicate that you are gay yourself. (This is only a question NOT an accusation and of course you are under no obligation to answer it)
If so and my post it offends you then I will remove it.

A persons sexual preferences do not matter to me as long as he or she keeps it legal.

I do not care what consenting adults do to each other. This is their choice.

The joke was more about the Mac /PC theme although it did mention gay.
IF this concerned you, then the right thing would have been to contact me with your concerns and I would have removed it. But to insult me directly is not a good way to win my co-operation.

I could mention and go on about your insult, and how you are being prejudiced against me for various reasons,. I could rave on about how you are picking on me as I am white or older than you, or a different nationality etc, but I will not, as these things happen and are not to be taken seriously.

Please let me know if this does in fact upset you and I will be happy to remove it, after all it is only one of Billions of jokes about one section of our community, in the same way there are also many jokes about all the different groups.

We are here to enjoy the site and to work with each other, so I am more than happy to remove my post if it concerns you but please do not trey to flame myself or any other member.