Sunday, December 4, 2011

I think NOT Joe. You are a proven LIAR and one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met.

MORE lies from JOE. Joe is again lying on other forums. The guy cannot lay straight in bed.

Following my banning from Juot, despite me having broken no rules, he started telling his members lies to cover up the real reason for the ban.
First of all he said it was because I had sent him a message ASKING for information, this he twisted and said it was a threat but how on Gods green earth a reasonable question could be construed as a threat is beyond my understanding. Lie number ONE from JOE.

Second excuse he used. He then told the members that I was banned for reporting a scammer who was posting viral links and links to personal information about other members too many times as he was not taking any action to protect his members. LIE number two from JOE.

Now his latest lie. he now says that he banned me for not being a productive member and used the first convenient excuse to do so.
LIE number three from JOE, the owner of Juot.

Lets look at what some others have to say about Joe. I do not know these people so cannot have influenced them.

Their comments show how unsuitable Joe is to be a staff member on vbulletin. or be in charge of a website.


"I have no history of posting alongside you but have read your posts over the last few hours.

Here is what I have found:

Your appear to be Egotistical, narrow minded and deluded."


"He needs to work on his reading comprehension skills and knowledge of statistics if he's going to try to keep up with some of these threads. So far, no good in either of those areas."


"This is just plain wrong on so many levels
I have no reason to trust bop's fairness and impartiality at this time "


"I have no desire to be a mod but his logic is a bit skewed. I have no issue with new members. I take issue with a bunch of loyal members getting fucked over and having a massive joke played on them and no one understands why half of them are pissed? Your an ass to members and you get made mod. Hardly fair to those who played fairly. In two weeks, this will be a wonderful hillbilly site. Enjoy. I'm done."


Then Joe finishes it off with yet another LIE!

"I am a highly respected member of the vBulletin community.'
I think NOT Joe. You are a proven LIAR and one of the most unprofessional people I have ever met.