Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sieg Heil

WTF! More stupidity from that dumb nigger DRE who seems to have completely lost the plot.
Hey folks join his site, work hard, become a mod and then he will de mod you on a whim. Or act like an asshole, have a short fuse, and just be a general dickhead about everything and he will de mod you on a whim, which is not really a whim but completely justified shut up.

DRE the word POWERDRUNK NIGGER  springs to mind.

You STILL don't get it. When I'm annoyed, that's all it takes for me to ban or demote someone. Even if you weren't annoying the other mods I'm annoyed just because you looked like you were annoying em. In other words, don't get even get caught looking like your annoying the mods. You could say 'Oh God that rule is retarded' and that I'm being harsh, over-bearing and over-protective. I agree but dem da rules.

Sieg Heil

More words of wisdom from DRE. Dude WHAT are you smoking?

Complaining about bannings belongs in technical support because it falls under site issues and annoying the moderators.
YEAH SURE IT DOES ! :lol: :roll:

What a dumb fucking nigger.