Friday, December 16, 2011

I and many others who ranter has defamed do

Threats on the

You may think you know who we are but let me tell you something, you motherfucker, we KNOW who you are pal. And if you keep this shit up you are going to have a big fucking problem on your hands.

Slartibartfast, no one likes threats. (Except for me, that is.)

As you say he may not know who you all are, but I and many others who ranter has defamed do.

For the record. I am not currently a member of or posting on and at this stage I have no intention of posting there.

Anyone who is using the name Big Al on there is an imposter.

Just kidding, I post on the ranter frequently, using either the name Bigal or Tommy Tooter. I change the conspiracy to fit the name.