Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I have influence on some sites

An extremely good point. If one admin takes a personal dislike to a member, it should not necessarily influence the admin of another site that the member belongs to. However sadly, this is happening.

And as the said member is banned, it is hard for him to debate the ban by either party, despite breaking no rules on either forum. and may have to post on other forums to refute the ban that the admins have no influence over. 

One would think that an admin would not do such a thing, but it sadly is not the case. 

Thank you RobbieZ for your enlightened post. AL.

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I'm satisfied with BOP's network. I don't need all that extra stuff.

I wish more sites would join the network though. I feel like the odd man out.
Perhaps if the reputation was not so bad then more sites would show a willingness to join the "network" but when the admins on the network abuse it, then people will not be so keen to join.

The basic concept seems like a good idea and it seems to work, but cross banning of members who have broken no rules by the various admins as a "favour" to the other admins actually destroys the creditability of the network. And of the admins concerned.

I have influence on some sites that have shown interest in joining, but I cannot in good conscience recommend the network as it currently exists to any one.

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Thank you. It is appreciated.