Friday, December 16, 2011

You are sending a lad some money

Kingston now sell a 128 GB thumb drive it costs over $1,000.

Beware there are fake copies around. The fakes do not have a bar code on the package and no writing on the metal part of the USN connection. They read as 128 GB but usually only have 8Gb of actual storage.

It seems inevitable that SSD will be the norm soon. In the quest for computer speed the mechanical hard drive is in the dinosaur age.

Now that most SSDs use NAND-based flash memory, which retains memory even without power their usefulness is growing.

I think that once they have developed large SSD's And the price comes down, then the day of the electromechanical hard drive will fade away. Does that sound like I know what I'm talking about? I hope so, but it's just shit I made up LOL.

Just cos tha comes from up north lad, tha still hasta read't stickies tha knows.
Theres nobbut easy like.

Only start to bait when you have read and understand how to bait
safely then go at em.

Us northerners make better baiters than those forriners down south.

Set up a Gmail addy using a nickname, then rip into them like a ferret up a trouser leg.

"From a Yorkshireman from the West Riding"

It seems your "hitman" is in- Location: Nigeria (high) [City: Lagos, Lagos]

A long way from Spain it would seem.

A great opportunity for some GREAT pics. After all you have to see what is on offer.

It is possible that there is no mule.

A lad will often pretend to be someone else. Many times they use one name to scam with and another (their real name? or one that they have fake ID for.) to pick up the money.

As what they are doing is illegal, they tend to involve their real name as little as possible. in this case, he could be trying to cover himself if anything gos wrong, as in:

"Oh no officer I am only picking up some money for a friend I never scammed anyone"
Stupid niggers.

I would never do anything illegal, like phish a lad's password and break into his account. Never in a million years would I do that because it is illegal and unethical. Oh wait, I've already done it a hundred times and there's no one to stop me because it's just some darkie in Africa and who the fuck is going to stop me? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

You are sending a lad some money??

AHH thanks MT X.