Monday, January 30, 2012

this limp noodle of mine

To answer your questions CK, Chandra Sekhar Sathyada has admitted in public that he has mental problems and he has also admitted that he is a confirmed and proven liar.

Really I suppose we should pity him and his family. I have sent him details on where he can obtain professional caring help for his mental issues, but he seems to delude himself that he does not need any help.

Whilst sitting poolside here at 2 Speckled cct. in Brisbane (not my real address, just the one I consistently adamantly deny for some reason), I was thinking about how to help people even more than I do, and then I shit my pants again. I was not in the pool, fortunately, so I dropped my Depends in the bin and hosed myself off when the cleaning lady came outside. Her English is horrible so when I tried to get her to use her hand on this limp noodle of mine, she pretended not to understand, but how can she not know what it means when I put her hand on my dick? Yes, it's like taffy that's been left on the seat of a car on a hot summer day, but give me a break. That bitch knows what I want and if I don't get it, it's back to China with her. Sayonora, ching-chong.