Monday, January 30, 2012

someone is using a name that is not mine

We have a persistent troll called Chandra Sekhar Sathyada. He is an IT engineer for the public works department in Kerala India.

He has registered here under many user names such as "Reineri", "Alan James Watson" ( That he mistakenly thinks is my real name, but it is not)

He seems intent on posting a name and address that he mistakenly believes is me, such is the lot of an idiot.
He will be banned if I detect him using any other user name and his posts will be deleted.

He is very pissed off with me as I have exposed him and he thinks he can get some revenge against me by continuously impersonating me on other websites and posting what he mistakenly thinks is my name and address. I do have a good laugh every time he does this as the details he has are not mine.

Rahstyles as a site deserves to grow and I will not allow morons to destroy it.
Please just ignore any of his crap that he posts. Thank you.

To review: someone is impersonating me, but not with my real name or address. I delete his posts because they have the name and address of someone I do not know and who is not me. That's how I am being impersonated---someone is using a name that is not mine.

It makes perfect sense.