Monday, January 9, 2012

Time to get this forum up and running.

I want to apologise for a previouse post in which I said I hate niggers. I was not feeling well that day and had just sent a large payment to Nigeria, so I was pissed off and should have never said I hate niggers. I love niggers and that's the truth ok.

Lots of trolls combined to destroy rahstyles, but they will fail. Except that they already succeeded. Shut up.

We are now in a position to work towards getting this forum up and running and turn it into a terrific site. As everyone knows, I am a big fan of rap and hiphop so who better than me to make this a great site? Do you like funny pictures reposted from other sites? Come to rahstyles then. We've got plenty of funny pictures and a fair amount of inappropriate ones too!

Please feel free to post and make your mark on a new site. Thanks.

Thank you for this alert. It is shameful that some people can be so evil.

Steve I do not hate you, but I will not stand by and let you ban all the members and delete all the posts in an attempt to destroy Rahstyles and all the hard work that the members have put in. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened lol.

You have tried your best to destroy Rahstyles and you will be brought to account for these despicable actions. I am the only one allowed to destroy rahtsyles, and I do it a little more each time I post here. You can go suck a big nigger dick fucker, this is my site to destroy ok, now back the fuck off.