Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 was a year of change. 2010 will herald in even more change

2011 was a year of change. 2010 will herald in even more change.

 [10-01, 00:09] Alan James:Raineri. you have been banned from rahstyles using other user names. Your Id is soyl from kerala. You will not be alllowed to disrupt the decent members


Well now after reading that I know what a "tripod" is. However I am curious as to how Rufus knew about it? 

Is this part of "secret pink business" ?

Nice stickmen by the way.

There could be an increase in internet cafe fee's as many cafes have their own generators as the main power supply is very unreliable.

The guy is quite aware of what is going on in Nigeria, but does not have access to many things that are going on behind the scenes.

It is very probable that there will be massive troubles coming, whether the recent oil subsidies will be the trigger that sets things off remains to be seen.

History shows us that there is a high probability of the average citizen suffering more, as those in power fight for more power. this could possibly lead to scamming becoming another alternative for many poor people.

Our work continues and may become even more important.

I hit a nigger with my car yesterday and he's still stuck under it. Anyone know how to un-suction his big lips off the chassis?