Sunday, January 1, 2012

This us hilarious coming from DRE

More from DRE.
The only way I've really been able to attract dudes to the site is
porn and bootlegs but the forum that has porn and bootlegs is a VIP
forum. There is no common factor to attract the average guy here. It's
not a sports, gaming, dating, cars or music forum. I even ask people
to recruit and offer to pay them and that still doesn't work. I don't
know what to do at this point.

Unfortunately for you DRE many guys who are techs are quite useless at building websites, some are even coerced into banning people under duress and so lose any integrity they may have had. This does not help any website to grow. 

What you need is some one who is good at helping sites to grow . Oh wait, you had one!! but you de modded him and then banned him, despite him breaking no rules and helping your website.
A very Stupid move DRE.

Maybe you can ask your tech friend to help your site to grow with active members? :roll: :lol: 

The stupid thing is that it is very easy for your site to grow quickly and strongly, but you and your techy friend do not know how. 

I don't
know what to do at this point

Maybe if you did not ban people who were helping your site to grow, you would have a lot more active members now eh?

You don't post. All you do is spam. Banned. 

DRE, Yesterday at 12:14 PM
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This us hilarious coming from DRE who openly admits to spamming, on as many forums as he can in a feeble attempt to get members for his failing website. 

Dre you are one of the most incompetent webmasters I have ever seen. you just do not have a clue. :roll: :lol: