Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DRE nobody likes a racist.

I get my ass handed to me quite often, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.

Yes this is true. How can you be so stupid as to ask for banned white members to answer you on 8thlegion? DRE what rule did I break to be de modded and banned?

Posted by DRE= "Quote:
You STILL don't get it. When I'm annoyed, that's all it takes for me to ban or demote someone. Even if you weren't annoying the other mods I'm annoyed just because you looked like you were annoying em. In other words, don't get even get caught looking like your annoying the mods. You could say 'Oh God that rule is retarded' and that I'm being harsh, over-bearing and over-protective. I agree but dem da rules.

Sieg Heil

DRE having trouble with your knees? Bad karma is a bitch.

You will continue to deteriorate while you continue to do the wrong thing by your members who were just helping you.

Your conscience will make sure you suffer for the injustice's you have done.

Aye o pa re/aye pa re ti u lose i don sign.

Wata and garri make eba:

Here is your answer DRE posted by a mod on AMB. Others also think you are RACIST! "That Dre dude is one racist, commiserating, crybaby of a black man."

Well DRE you now have proof that you are RACIST. what steps are you going to take to correct this?

DRE una racist scum.

racist fucking nazi scumbags,simple

DRE gets his ass handed to him yet again, LOL.

LOL. DRE posts that any who oppose him are Nigerian imposters. Man the dude has totally lost the plot.

DRE una say i b oyinbo?

he cap opats

HO HO HO. 8thlegion just got reported for PIRACY. DRe posts. "I just ip-banned toonz for reporting The 8th Legion for piracy."

I think DRE has a lot of problems coming. But this is what happens when you do the wrong thing by your members. DRE nobody likes a racist.

DRE why do you thank people and then ban them for helping your website to prosper?

DRE you don kolo

"The 8th Legion encourages you to join and contribute articles to the Media Law Wiki.' But do not post the truth or you too will be banned.

DRE why do you call yourself a Christian when you do such evil things?

Not all that good if you have to contact your staff to ask them to post good things about it.

Another good thread, that was done by some one you banned for starting such good threads to assist 8thlegion.

U Fi ohun le

We two go dig am out.

And on the8thlegion it seems.